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A highly obese, 350 pound man that bakes and owns a bagel shop. A man who has a horrible sweating problem, when he sweats it looks like there are chunks of mud under his arm pits. Not quite sure which way sexually he goes but he has some lady n male significant others. His pants fall down a lot and he usually doesn't have any underwear on so you get a nice view of his hairy butt crack.
"Uncle Kevin is a sexy hot beast"

"Some one once said Uncle Kevin's penis was shaped like a bagel."

"I like when Uncle Kevin bends over, I get to see his hairy butt crack then"
by Ano2343 October 17, 2008

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The best Uncle there could possibly be. He is funny and bald. He always spoils his favorite niece. He is very sarcastic. And he likes to sit on his A$$ alot for fun (:
He is probably the specialist old man you'll ever meet.
Uncle Kevin is my favorite uncle!
by Your favorite niece May 14, 2014