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a latin-american shunned by his peers because he/she took the time to learn english.

A variation of Uncle Tom.
Lisa: "look at how many guys are on standing in the back of that truck, and one all by himself"

Reese: " he speaks english, they don't like Uncle Juan "
#uncle juan #mexican #uncle tom #lawn flea #english #racist
by Reese2868 November 23, 2009
Uncle Juan is a term to describe Hispanic American males who are civilized as well as comprehensive and proficiently fluent in the English language. Some Uncle Juan's don't obtain that typical, annoying, and repulsive Hispanic American accent, but instead have an accent that of an average white American male. Unfortunately, Uncle Juan's are much rarer than Uncle Tom's (African American male variant) because most Hispanics who migrate to the United States move into ghetto projects, abuse the welfare programs & don't learn English. Because of this when these parents speak to their Hispanic American children, It's only in Spanish. So these Hispanic American children only learn English by going to school and socializing with English speaking people. But because of their family,environment, and lifestyle, they only hangout or socialize only with other Hispanics with the same background as them, and because of that they don't feel the need to speak proper English. So the end result is they become arrogant and Ignorant, while only knowing to speak Improper "ghetto" English or Spanglish.
Example of an Uncle Juan: me.
Some people like to think and say that Uncle Tom's or Uncle Juan's are envious servants to white people, I call them civilized.
#civilized #formal #intelligent #knowledgeable #well-mannered
by Rational December 12, 2013
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