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New England's best kept secret. Uncle Henry's is is a catalog of used and new stuff, basically. It got it's start in Maine's state capital, Augusta. Like their catch phrase "Most anything under the sun." And boy, do they live by this. From guns to cars, from toys to jewelry, from free stuff to listings of swapmeet and yard sales, and ATV's to snowmobiles. A New England Tradition since 1969. Although I think it's going nationwide I think... So it's not so regional anymore.
Uncle Henry's the best god damn magazine a Mainer can read! Well, maybe not. *Cough*Playboy*cough*
by Adam B January 18, 2005
a period in which a bear transforms into a seabear after coming in contact with water.
holy shit john did you see that uncle henry! he was GINOURMOUS
by andy smilonakis July 11, 2006

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