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That grandpa you have that lives by himself in that bigass house. He's loaded. He's got that big shiny SUV. Always got his prescription sunglasses on. Wears a hat even while inside. Socks and sandals all day bitch. Unless he has his fly hi-top blue sneakers or boots. Goes to the bank to get you your fat weekly allowance. In his pajamas. Makes everybody call him Uncle *insert name* You could totally see him in a rap video.
Jake: Howie your grandpa is so cool.

Howie: That's Uncle Grandpa to you.
by McFly got some new kicks March 10, 2013
The "cool" grandpa.The One That Always Gives You Whatever You Want.
Uncle Grandpa: Want An IPhone 6
by gabehare123 April 01, 2015
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