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When ones mood is down or dull or drab or for lack of a better word Bleh. A certain best friend can pick one out of that mood by 'unblehing them'. This is usually done by loud noises, surprises, stupid jokes, or eating at Perkins. Usually the person that feels in the bleh mood will resist the unblehing at first but then later will thank the Unbleher for relieving them from the unpleasant state of mind.
How one goes about Unblehing another:

Sarah: I feel, just bleh

Katie: Wanna go outside?

Sarah: no, not really

Katie:.. wanna... go shopping at Goodwill?...

Sarah: Nah... not really.

Katie: *Flashes friend crudely*... Wanna eat some Perkins?

Sarah: Sure.. I suppose

A few pancakes later..
Much giggling follows and mood is forgotten, but replaced with good times.
by SaS688 June 27, 2011
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