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Also can be said as;
"Not very Rudge-like", "That wasn't Rudge".

To be UnRudge, one must do something that is frowned upon or not appreciated by others around them.
Bad things that are seen, heard, smelt or talked about can also be UnRudge.
Something that is UnRudge is NOT good.

Rudge replaces the word 'Cool' so something that is UnRudge is uncool.
Person 1 - "I just failed ALL my exams!"
Person 2 - "Dude, that is so UnRudge."

Person 1 - "My mum won't let me go to your party!"
Person 2 - "What!? That's so UnRudge of her!"

Person 1 - "Could that girls bag be any more UnRudge!?"
Person 2 - "Ha! I know right.."
by That'sLikeSoRudge... March 10, 2011

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