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When someone invites you to an event knowing that you are busy and will not be able to attend.
"Hey! I'm having a party on Saturday. You should come!"

"Dude, you know I'm out of town all weekend. That's a total un-invite!"
by Michael Gerber March 06, 2007
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When someone initiates an invitation to someone for an event without crucial information. The person invited is led on to believe they are actually going to attend the said event, and is unable to attend due to intentional avoidance and/or disinformation.
Frank, "Hey Jon, Why didn't you go to the party last Friday?" Jon, "I was uninvited by everyone on facebook, so I didn't know how to get there."

Sally, "Hey Tam, Pat wants to come with us shopping on Saturday. Should I uninvite that hoe?" Tam, "Yeah, tell her to meet us at the mall on Friday."
by Artificer December 31, 2010

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