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A cross between an umpire and a referee. Universal term that may be used to describe the person officiating a sports event.
1. Wow, that umpiree sure just made a bad call. He better be a strong man, to withstand the backlash from these fans.
2. Why is everyone mad at the umpiree? (Asked by the person (woman) who is watching a sporting event that doesn't really understand all the intricacies of the game.)

Synonyms: Umpire, Ump, Referee, Ref, Blue
Antonym: Refire

Definition of REFIRE: An umpiree that continues to make bad calls.

"And I thought the umpiree of the last game was bad. Check out this Refire! He's blind, deaf, and dumb!"
by Semi-Reformed Control Freak May 22, 2013
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