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A cute, short boy with golden-brown hair and dark eyes. Is usually very strange in a good way but never lets down a friend and can be serious when you need him to be. Can make a rock laugh very hard until it cries.
Girls tend to take advantage of him because he is so sweet and caring, but when the right girl stays with him, he treats her like a princess.
Usually has a best friend called Cate/Kate/Catherine/Kathryne who is also very strange, but extremely beautiful.
Girl 1: I can't believe you cheated on Umpie.

Girl 2: I know, Bruce SO wasn't worth it.

Guy 1: Umpie has a hot best friend

Guy 2: I know, I wish I was him!
#umpie #jurie #swart #racing #goldenbrown #539
by Cutefeet February 12, 2010
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