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A small town on the New South Wales Central Coast. Possibly THE most bogan on the NSW coastal region. The local attractions include the beach and the skate park, however it would not be wise to go to either if you're not a local 'Uminian', as the people who live in Umina are rather protective of their town.

A typical Umina teen has dark short hair, with some sort of dyed blonde patch situated somewhere around the head, usually with a ratty. Girls often have bleach blonde hair, heavy makeup, short shorts (no matter what season) and some sort of colourful singlet, usually bought from the shop Supre.
Umina Girl 1; Ahhh your such a babe !
Umina Girl 2; Nahh hun, your a babe
Umina Girl 3; Yous are both babes !
Umina Girl 1; Thanks babe. Omg lets go take photos and put them on MySpace
Umina Girl 2; But youss are bigger babes than me, i'm so yuck
Umina Girl 3; Your a bigger babe than me any day.. yous are so hot.

etc, etc..
by uminaaa;babe. September 27, 2009
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I want a, as in a phrase used to get what you want. generally denoted by pointing a finger at it.
by Christie and Brit September 24, 2006
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