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The next level of sweetness come in the form of Ultra, and where there is Ultra that means something must be extremelly pleasing.

Saying something or someone is sweet can be done with various voice tonality. But saying something or someone is Ultra-Sweet can only be reached with an adoring, heavy and low kind of tonality, all at the same time.

''Ultra-Sweet'' in a sentence can be accompagnied by a large bank of adjectives.

Also, it is rare that someone might throw ''Ultra-Sweet'' out of thin air... there need to be one hell of a reason to do so.
*Jake walks down a river and suddently finds a hand-made boat with various pleasing object of adventure*


- - - -

Guy1: Man... this dude is an Ultra-Sweet motherfucker.

Guy2: Thats right, badass gee. This is one hell of an Ultra-Sweet motherfucker right there.

- - - - -

Advertisment: These balloons comes in various and ULTRA-SWEET colors.

Advertisment: Ultra-Sweet night with Candy and VelvetSpot, 7pm-11pm, thus-frid.
by henrycole February 08, 2009
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