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Ultimatingo: Ulti-meh-ting-gow

A nick name used to describe an individual who is the best at everything when it comes to anything.

This individual is the ultimate and the tingo.

This can be referred to someone who has the attributes of a superhero and is well looked up to in the community.

Other uses of the word Ultimatingo: Ultimataasie (Ulti-ma-tar-sie) this is used to describe an very close friend who displays very similar attributes in personalty and status as the Ultimatingo in the clan or community.

Ultimasweswe (Ultima-swe-swe): The darker version of a Ultimatassie.

Used commonly in Southern Africa
The following are nicknames of individuals who are speaking of or with the Ultimatingo.

Homeslice (Home boy): Ultimatingo! Why such great stride you show in your swagger as you walk, you are such a great and strong man to look up upon.

Poepface (Face of poo): Ultimatingo! You have saved my child from the sin of man! You have brought courage into his heart and soul and rescued him from the spirits of Chalazootra. I bow down to you.

Tslebo Poonaani(Te-sle-bow son of Vagina): Ultimatingo! Why you have pleasured your woman with 999 orgasms in 99 seconds, you my man are a hero and one of a kind!

Ultimatingo: Tslebo Poonaani! You are walking in my stride! You are showing great signs of a Ultimataasie and Ultimasweswe, you have saved 333 apples from the locusts in my harvest. My son you are close to becoming part of the Ultimatingo clan.
by Ultimatingo3000 September 29, 2011

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