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Ultimate Warriored. Verb. During what would be a normal happening or event(I.E. a day at the park, beach, a wedding, kids birthday party, funeral) at a poorly picked moment one of your friends, family members, co-workers blast the ultimate warrior's theme music while flashing a strobe light. Then someone dressed in traditional ultimate warrior gear(tights, facepaint, muscle tassels, knee pads, elbow pads, and boots) bust through a door or window. (possibly a wall) He then proceeds to wreck everything that gets in his way, escape anyone who opposes him, and shake any ropes that are avaliable. After the damage is done the Ultimate Warrior then exits hastly to avoid a beating. All this is done at a sprint. If a strobe light is unavalible someone may flicker whatever lights are convienent.
Just clobbered best man: Jesus Christ that fucking guy wrecked everything.

Bride: Crying

Groom: Where did that music and the strobe light come from?

Groom's best friend: Dude you just got Ultimate Warriored
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