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When a man paints the nails on his non-dominant hand red, sits on this hand until it goes numb, raises one leg (same side as hand), reaches under raised leg with non-dominant/painted hand and proceeds to jerk off. (the Ultimate Stanger can be performed sitting or standing) GIDDY UP!
When she won't put-out and your sick of the typical jerk session, try the Ultimate Stranger.
by Andy Giddy April 26, 2006
A variation on The Stranger. Involves, in addition to sitting on your hand until it becomes numb, also painting the nails on that hand. You then have a seat in a dark room or closet and use your free hand to shine a flashlight on the hand with the painted nails while you masturbate.
"My girlfriend left me, so I gave myself The Ultimate Stranger. I then proceeded to contemplate the emptiness of my existence and ended up contacting my lawyer and writing my will."
by kikanjuuneko February 21, 2008
When, after having two non-functioning arms for a period of time, you have an arm transplant procedure and use the new arms to pleasure yourself.

Note: This has to be done before full nerve growth occurs or it just isn't "ultimate".

Jerking off after the above.

"Hey I got my new arms! Time for an Ultimate Stranger!"
by LandoAWD October 08, 2008