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A son of Ulster. A man that comes from one of the nine counties of Ulster in Ireland.The terms Ulsterman however is usually associated with people that come from the six counties that form Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. The term also applies to people that are descended from Northern Ireland although not necessarily having born in that part of the world.
Ulstermen are known to be a fiercely patriotic race people, great warriors, very honourable and very Christian
Don't worry about James he will pull through, he is after all an Ulsterman!
by Ulsterman April 29, 2007
A man descended from or having been born in one of the six counties of Northern Ireland that is part of the United Kingdom.The term Ulsterman/men has traditionally been used to refer to people that were fiercely loyalty to the British Crown. Nonetheless, after the 1998 Good Friday Peace agreement the term has started transcending religious divides and now brings together the best of both Ulster-Scot and Gaelic peoples in one unique amalgam.
Robert is an Ulsterman, he comes from Northern Ireland
by Bragg Cluster June 08, 2007

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