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Most often used when one person says something to another that is completely unbelievable and undeniably a lie. Typically Uhnkay is pronounced verbally in such a way that it would sound like someone is imitating a mentally challenged individual. Sometimes also accompanied by a gesture such as a sideways karate chop to one's own chest.

May also be used when an event transpires that is so ridiculous in it's nature and/or the utter irony.

Every one Uhnkay is different. No one Uhnkays the same.

In severe circumstances one who has uhnkayed so hard may begin to experience seizures, and if typing, would spell their uhnkay differently as opposed to it's true spelling.

When spelled in a casual conversation and not experiencing an Uhnkay, it is spelled as "Uhnkay". However, during an Uhnkay, more specifically while engaged in an online conversation, it is most often spelled as "UHNKAY" to emphasize the disbelief and/or utter amazement of the stupidity they Uhnkayer has witnessed.
1. Person A: I just won a massive lottery jackpot oh my god!

Person B: UHNKAY.

2. While immersed in a game of Call Of Duty, a player experiences a brief lag spike and their character is thrown into the air, exploding into pieces and lands in the universe of the Elder Scroll's. Immediately afterwards, a giant hits the character with it's club and propells the character into the sky. "UHNKAY."

3. Person A: Guess who's pregnant now lol I'll give you a hint, it's me.

Person B: UUUHHNNNKKAAYYYY. (In varying tones of pitch).

4. Person A: Okay time to clean the house because I made the mess but it is your fault because I pay the bills with your own money.


5. Person A: I have never uhnkayed so hard in my life holy smokes!

Person B: Yeah I hate when I Uhnkay like that too.
by Getoutofmysewer December 30, 2013
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