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A term for the world's strongest man, can be used as a verb.
"After that guy got uhled his face was never the same again"
by ryan62395 December 07, 2009
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The coolest people on the face of this earth. Often a little weird and off the charts but there's always a party when a Uhls is town.
"Ur so cool ur almost Uhls like!"

Person 1: "man that Uhls is so cool. I wanna be one!"

Person 2: "you can't. You can only be a Uhls when a Uhls says u can be a Uhls. So stop trying. Ur just not cool enuf!"
by Miss Leah August 29, 2008
Ultimate Hockey League, a hockey league with new teams formed every game with a point system for each individual player based on wins. Regular win > 3pts, Overtime/Shootout win > 2pts, Overtime/Shootout loss > 1pt. 10 Regular season games followed by a shootout.
Today was crazy, we won in a shootout in UHL game #8.
by SabotageCS July 19, 2008
A metrosexual male with fluffy soft hair, that bounces when he walks. Most definitely not fat.
"You look like a homo, are you a Uhl?"
by Fasemeus June 26, 2008

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