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A sexual encounter, in which one or more of the participants are ugly.

Often occurs under the influence of a substance, such as alcohol or drugs, and occasionally, the influence of low self esteem and loneliness.
ugly sex I'll never have ugly sex again!
ugly sex Say no to ugly sex.
by Helius Eros November 09, 2009
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A sexual encounter where by either party does not want a meaningful relationship at the end. Therefore allowing both parties to fully let go and have amazing sex
"aww man, i really need some ugly sex right now"
by mischmash December 03, 2011
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Sex between two very ugly people.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Jean and Garry? Apparently they had sex.
Guy 2: Aw yuck! That's some ugly sex!
by iJimped May 05, 2009
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