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Uglat is a word that describes the place where walruses lay on the ice. Walruses aren't too picky and poop where they lay. So it's a big brown spot on the ice. The origin of the word uglat may be from the native american indian tribes of Alaska.
Geographer: Hey what's that brown smear on the blob of ice over there?

Biologist: That's an uglat!

Geographer: Oh didn't you tell me that means the walrus was here! That must be a really big uglat!

Biologist: Well, I see one big uglat and a bunch of small ones. Obviously, there was an ugly of walruses who fed really well too! That's a lot of poop!

Geographer: "Ugly of walruses"? Dude, what's that. I know they're ugly but don't you have any feeling for the poor animals?

Biologist: Ugly is just the name of a herd, pod, or bunch of walruses that hang together. I didn't make it up. Don't get mad at me.
by Kayakbabe April 06, 2010

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