Loyalist paramilitary organisation in Northern Ireland the UFF(Ulster Freedom Fighters) is the killer wing of the UDA(Ulster Defence Association)

"The UFF are a ruthless and vicious killing machine"
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
Ulster Freedom Fighters. Loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland responible for sectarian deaths in the 'troubles'. Thought to have association with the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).
The UFF and IRA are murders.
by m May 07, 2005
United Fascist Front a political party in america that seeks change in the U.S government.
The UFF has come to save america from the comunists and socialists.
by UFF August 02, 2010
Abbreviation for U Fuckin' Fuck
Uff, stop buggin' me!
by addlib May 12, 2009
The UFF (Ulster Freedom Fighters) are the military wing of the UDA (Ulster Defence Association). The UFF were formed in 1973, to create a more credible streamlined, effective military active service unit which could effectivley target known republicans. The UFF was comprimised of the most respected and deadly operators within the UDA. The UFF were an offensive organisation unlike its parent organisation which was used for defence purposes. The motto of the UFF is feriens tego, which means striking, i defend.
Up the UFF

C Company UFF
Simply the Best
by C Coy UFF May 08, 2006
When you are bored, you just say uff.
<Annie> what time is it?
<Matt> dunno.
<Annie> uff.
by empys September 07, 2006
A small bear that has cocks on his face.
UFF has cocks on his face.
by Somebody September 29, 2003

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