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And acronym for the statement: "u don't even understand!!"
often said in stressful situations
"DUDE! KARL WAS CHASING ME TODAY!! He stalked me over the entire campus at lunch!!"

"oh c'mon, you're over exaggerating!"

"UDEU!! I was literally chased. down. across. the. entire. campus!!!"
by AdrenaLynn April 18, 2010
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Short for the "urinal deuce". A U-Deu (U-Doo) is defined by the act of laying a deuce, or defecating, into a urinal.
i.e. All the stalls in the Men's room were occupied, so Aurthur found an open urinal and dropped a U-Deu.

i.e. Jeff was bragging to his friends that he'd taken a U-Deu in a port-a-potty urinal on a double dog dare.
by Tobias L Perdedor January 29, 2012

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