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A small village that virtually nobody knows about, which is close to a smaller village that is more popular, nationally and globally.
Me (from Ucluelet): "Yeah, I'm from Ukee."

Interloper (Vancouver lifetime resident): "Where??"

Me: "Ucluelet."

*Much confusion over pronunciation ensues here*

Interloper: "Where's that???? Timbucktwo??"

Me: "Small town, west coast of the island."

Interloper: "Umm, which island???"

Me: "Vancouver Island."

Interloper: "Is that near Victoria?"

Me: "South of the main part of Pacific Rim National Park. West coast."

Interloper: **Blank stare**

Me: "South of Tofino."

Interloper: "OHHH!, Ucluelet! I know where that is!"
by nerb July 23, 2012
10 2
A small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
I just got back from my honeymoon Ucluelet. It was raining.
by shawvideo2 December 20, 2010
9 1