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The best thing that could ever happen
something unreal or an out of body experience
a word used when expressing great emotion
beyond wording, the highest level of grandness
Mac - "hey allie how was your weekend"
Allie - "It was Ubertastic "
Mac - "sounds pretty amazing"
Allie - "you have no idea ;)"
by totesyagabobss January 21, 2008
the words 'uber' and 'fantastic' together to make an upertastic super word.

Person 1: This meatloaf is ubertastic
Person 2: I know!!!!
by taaaylor November 26, 2008
Beond Good, Better then Great. Can also be used to describe Size, And/or lack of it.
EX: Drew's mom is Ubertasticly Pretty
Or Drew is an Ubertastic Nublet.
by Maxisking July 25, 2005
This word means that nothing can surpass what it describes. It's just too awesome to beat!
by I am Neon *Alysha January 29, 2009
the super awesome word that Maddy and James came up with, it beats all other words and is cool. just like Maddy :P
man maddy is ubertastical, yea her and james are the most ubertastical people i know. fooey i wish i was as ubertastical as them.
by James_is_a_ninja_with_maddy October 17, 2009
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