This is basically a superlative of micro used in Pure Pwnage episode two.
Would you rather date a guy with lots of money or uber-micro?
by phorque September 01, 2006
Über Micro - the abilily to control various different units in Real-Time Strategy games. Micro is short for micro management, Über means larger, better, superior. Having Uber Micro means you are superb at controlling many different units at a time, or you pwn noobs.
1) teh_pwnerer has über micro, he can pwn you with 1 Technical because he just has the micro.

2) that guy just pwned me, he definatelly had Über Micro.
by $eaN¿ September 09, 2006
The Ability To do more than one thing, used in games. originated from the word micro-management. Few people can uber micro Properly. Used in the popular film, Pure Pwnage.
For Example, in A RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Game, the player is able to use uber micro to control many units in the game
by LagSpike March 06, 2006
Uber Micro, meaning to be really good at RTS style gaming. Being able to control 50 units over 3 fronts and micromanaging them all.
Playing Starcraft, any game developed by Blizzard.
by Lorne Richardson July 17, 2005
1. A reference to the ability of incredible and effecient hand eye coordination, specifically for gaming. 2. A reference to the ability to control and move fingers with great effeciency.
I heard that your brother is Über Micro at new gen consoles.

I believe the reason I am so good is because of my Über Micro.
by Ray.Cx2 April 29, 2008
Being Uber Pro at using a mouse and keyboard. Especialy in Zero Hour and other RTSs
teh_pwner has uber micro and can pwn n00bs.
by AntiInsight August 20, 2005
Not just the ability to be pro with a mouse and keyboard, but to be so uber with them that you can play at least four games at once and pwn.
Chris's micro is so uber he pwned me at ten games at once.
by Chris, the l33t November 01, 2004

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