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Synonym for UVA one of the most pompous shitholes i've ever had the displeasure of being accepted to. Luckily for me a real school like VT accepted me and I now get a an education in the one of the top 25 engineering institutions in the world, unlike UVGay which couldnt make the top 50. In summary: Kegs of zima, popped collars, dress clothes at sporting events, and praising the fact that you have your head shoved up Thomas Jefferson's ass are all traits of UVGay.
HS Senior 1: Hey guys my daddy just bought me a new mercedes because i just got accepted to UVA
HS Senior 2: Wow you got accepted to UVA!?!? So did I, except Im not a fag so I'm going to VT, have fun butt fucking your roomate at UVGay
by Snido August 17, 2008
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