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A has been Graduate University that rode the high of the Kennedy-Era and now barely managing to survive. It is in the middle of no where near a hick town. To get to civilization one must drive 15mins to get to the nearest town and 45min to an hour to get to a city of respectable population.

This place is known to change leaders faster than Lady Gaga changing her outfits but conversely the faculty here is the old crew from the Old Testament trying to live life in the Space Age. Many of these faculty are bound to retire to become alumni or retire to the ground which ever comes first.

Course content at the school has not undergone revision since the 1960s so expect to send a lot of time learning a lot of things that are absolutely useless in industry. The only hope for the academia bound is to replace the withering artifacts that roam the open corridors at UTSI so that one day they themselves can get paid a mere $40k for a 45 year service.

Being an Engineering/Science Graduate University this place attracts no girls what so ever. The local girls are all either jailbait or 30s+ with kids. This does not mean that there does not exist female students but you can count them all on one hand. Female students that are here have serious psychological and physical issues. They exhibit a uber-bitch syndrome as they look upon themselves as a precious commodity but in reality they are just fugly attention whores who are either immature or have daddy complexes.
i.e. Fugly UTSI chick:

Guy1: Did you see those two overweight fatass cats?
Guy2: Yeah, who the hell would do that to their cats?
Guy1: You should see the owner, she is a fat fuck chick!
Guy2: Oh damn, you mean that UTSI chick?
Guy1: Yeah, that bitch leaves cat feces all over her room and has a million layers of makeup on her fat fuck face.
by HMOND July 20, 2010
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