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UTAU is a free japanese synthysizer that you can use by simply typing in the sound of a voice and playing it back and it'll sing songs for you. UTAU is the free version of VOCALOID , which you obviously have to buy and it gives you a certain voicebank (A voice bank is the source of the sounds that comes from a certain person). With UTAU, you can make your own voicebanks along with your own UTAUloid (The name of a certain character used to represent a voicebank). So there are most likely HUNDREDS and maybe even THOUSANDS of UTAUloids. The first UTAUloid was Kasane Teto , who was released as an april fools joke to make people think that she was a VOCALOID and to release the new software. She is most likely the most popular UTAUloid.
Dude1: Hey Dude2, check out this awesome software that I got. All you do is type in a sound like "Gyuu" and the chick says it. And if you type in all of the syllables to a song, she'll sing it!
Dude2: Oh thats awesome Dude1! What is it called and how much does it cost?
Dude1: It's called UTAU and its free!
by I8MyCuppycakes October 22, 2010
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