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Unidentified Sacking Alert.
Dude, I got U.S.A.'d by some chick when I was walking home. I didn't even get a warning!
by x0xLaDyBuGx0x October 14, 2007
The world's most powerful Corporate Oligarchy. Most of it's citizens are too brainwashed and demoralized to create any real change or revolutions.
Many citizens of the USA would rather help big businesses than help their fellow citizens.
by Striker122 December 28, 2009
Heart of all the world's problems, it is where everything turns upside down.
Person 1: "Dude, I ran out of oil."
Person 2: "It's because of USA isn't it?"
by goddarnitt January 02, 2011
Close to 50% of the world's total military expenditure comes from the United States of America (USA). Russia and China's numbers are in the single digits. Don't believe me? Research it yourself.

Why do you think the USA can't even afford to take care of its poor people and establish a Universal Healthcare System?
The USA is nothing more than a corporate oligarchy with an imperialistic agenda that uses military force.
by TheAccomplice July 10, 2010
a bunch of fat red necks runing aroud killing people and eating Mc.Donalds. they dont care about the environment and hate nature. they drop bombs like they "rule the earth" and feel killing is whatthey have to do to gain "peace".
i veiwed the canada urban dictionary and was happy to see people saying nice things about canada, then i went to the last and was pissed so much that i wanted to make this.
sorry for the nice americans who said nice things about canada. i wanted to tell the americans "we are bigger than america so dont call us 'America Jr'."
for the people who call us a big state, an imaginary country inhabited with aliens, little america
i hope your parents died in 9/11
again i felt this was needed to show america that they are mean.(theese were not my real words i felt they were needed. i dont hate america that much to make fun of 9/11 so anyone offended, i did not meanit im just angry)
p.s sorry
american: canada sux
canadian: but we are bigger, nicer and care about the environment more than the USA
by an angry canadian March 24, 2011
The BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Dont mess with us or well nuke yo ass. The USA is the last Major Superpower still remaining and will remain till the earth ends. WOOT USA
Canadian: Eh lets make peace treaties with the world eh
Americans: Well nuke u all if u dont be listening to us. SEMPER FI!! USA is the best.
by RichGunz February 28, 2011
An OK country. Racism is a bit prominent, as is homophobia, and down south you get a lot of redneck bible nuts, but apart from that it's ok.

They have an annoying habit of taking responsibility for British inventions though. The lightbulb, democracy, the internet, the computer, the telephone and you did NOT "save our asses" in 2 world wars. In WW1 you only helped just before it ended in 1918, and in WW2 you joined late and only actually sent alot of troops to help us in 1944 when continually fighting without much help had left our army exhausted, etc, etc..

The constitution would be great apart from that huuuge typo wher it says "all men have the right to bear arms". It would have been more sane to say "All men have the right to arm bears".
But Bush has destroyed the country. He wanted oil so he invaded the middle east and turned out to be crap at invading and he didn't bring the soldiers back since he ccouldn't find enough oil, 65% of Americans are overweight, 33% are obese, the healthcare system is awful, the education system allows ignorant patriots to teach, they "bravely defend their country" by bombing small nations and the country is in tatters.

Most Americans are good people but the idiots control the government and the media and the country is becoming increasingly crappy.
Idiot American: My fellow Americans, I will gladly bomb Mecca to erase this filth from the USA

Fat idiot American: Yeah! Let's all bomb small countries!

Sane americans: stfu stupid pig
by Fat Fee June 21, 2010