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A country whose main moral justification for existing is its geopolitical policies during the second world war which have somehow subsequently been portrayed as a humanitarian intervention rather than a political long-term strategy for survival.
European citizen: "The USA consistently invades sovereign nations, supports and empowers dictators, sells weapons and advanced technology to rough nations, kidnaps and tortures other nations' citizens, etc. This has got to stop. You're destroying the very democratic values upon which the Founding Fathers created you."

American citizen: "Well... you weren't this cocky when we helped you guys against the Nazis fifty years ago!"

European citizen: "Oh my fucking God, here we go again... your highly praised participation in the WW2 didn't come out of sheer solidarity, you ignorant fuck. I know you guys are short on history, but pick up a God damn history book. The only reason you participated in the WW2 is because you knew you were going to get dragged in at some point. Even your politicians knew that, however, it took a bloody massacre on your military forces before the American public realized it might be in their own interests to fight a growing fascist superpower. NOW STFU!"
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The only country keeping penguins from coquering the Earth
If it weren't for the USA, penguins would have destroyed humans long ago.
by Jay Booler April 08, 2008
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The world's punch-bag.
"man, i feel so angry today.*goes to and types an anti-us definition for usa*"
by diablodude February 10, 2004
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A country that regards itself as the greatest in the world but only 10% of americans have passports. How would they know then?
Are you going to Europe on holiday or the USA? Where's Europe?
by ashteroid April 02, 2007
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Stands for United States of America. Was initially a colonial territory of Great Britain before declaring independance in 1776. Initially founded on the principle that a central government should only exist to provide security to its people and its borders without intruding on personal freedom and civil liberties. Government was to be focused more on the individual states' powers rather than that of federal ones. Certain recent events probably have the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves, as the great nation they created slowly degenerates into a Police State; something they feared greatly and took great measures to write the Constitution to prevent it. Unfortunately, when the majority of the citizens, and the government, ignore the Constitution, it doesn't help much.
While America certainly is full of ignorant and/or rude assholes, there are still plenty of honest, good, independant thinkers. Of course, many of us are planning to leave the country. To all those that bash Americans, please remember that not all of us are awful and many of us think the same way you do - have gripes with our government, but not solely with us.
by Mack June 29, 2004
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the country where i live, run by a stupid f*ckhead and is going to shite.
"i live in the usa, but im moving when i'm old enough."
by Kennedi Greene August 22, 2007
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that land mass between canada and mexico
go look at a map the USA is hard to miss its pretty damn big like alot of its people
by wuxupwitdat November 05, 2006
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The USA stands for corruption. It stands for money and greed. Its a giant billboard on the side of every road saying, "Be thankful you don't have a lot of Oil!" It's not interested in fighting terrorism, terrorism makes it stronger than ever. It's about power. Its about control. Its funny really because the USA (now) stands for exactly what its citizens are against. Its funny and its sad, sad because we really had potential.

Example 1 - An educated citizen in the USA makes a lot less money per year then the average politician.

Example 2 - When the USA realized how much oil was in the middle east, they decided to make enemies instead of friends with the natives, concluding that its cheaper to steal then it is to buy.

Example 3 - I am an average working American, and I don't blame the world for hating the USA. I feel so stuck here.

Example 3 - The biggest idiots can become leaders in the USA. Thats a recipe for disaster.
by Brent Cole November 23, 2007
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