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United Persons With Rad Hair Against Snuffies.

The club uniting people with rad hair, who hate snuffies.
Snuffies- Derived from the hairy elephant thingo from Seasame Street, Meaning a non shaved bikini line.
Text convo:
Richie- So do u shave?
Shani- Yeah, i dont like feeling like that hairy elephant thing from seasame street
Richie- The mammoth thing?
Shani- Haha thats the one. Snuffaluffagus.
Richie- Oh yeah, and they called him snuffy. Thats out new word for hairy fannies!

Rad Hair:
Shani- Has scene hair, as she's the eden scenequeen. Had pink streaks, is getting extensions.
Richie- Nice hair which he actually washes... most boys don't. His hair is emo and nice.

UPWRHAS is only allowed to have 2 members, shani and richie.
They own a unicorn brothel, and shani is one of the unicorns.
The UPWRHAS members are going to make number 202. You'll find it oneday bluetoothed around horny teenagers phones.
They are also going to buy a planet.
And watch metalocalypse.
And eat food :O

Being an UPWRHAS member is cool.
But only shani and richie are allowed to be one.
Shani- Hey richie, nice hair you got there
Richie- Thanks, been keeping yourself smooth below the belt?
Shani- Ofcourse :)
Richie- We are so rad.
Shani- Yep. Cos we're UPWRHAS
by shani. x November 11, 2008
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