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UNSK is an abbreviation for the United Northern & Southern Knight's of the Ku Klux Klan, a pro-white organization that promotes tolerance for other races and encourages whites to stand up for the convictions of God, their Race & their Nation, unlike others does not promote violence toward blacks, asians, mexicans, or any other, non-white race, as the National Socialist Movment sometimes can.
The UNSK will be holding a rally in Baton Rouge, LA in April.
by Akia10062436 November 08, 2009
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Unsk is a Feral Druid Tank who prefers tanking Brutallus in Caster Form instead of Dire Bear Form.
20:41'07.463 Sunak gains Travel Form.
20:41'15.108 Sunak gains Ferocious Inspiration.
20:41'25.154 Sunak is afflicted by Burn.
20:41'25.167 Brutallus Meteor Slash hits Sunak for 3334 Fire.
20:41'25.353 Sunak Burn failed. Annastrianna was immune.
20:41'25.354 Sunak suffers 173 Fire damage from nil Burn.
20:41'25.542 Sunak Earth Shield heals Sunak for 930.
20:41'25.959 Sunak is afflicted by Meteor Slash.
20:41'25.963 Brutallus melee swing hits Sunak for 17819 Physical.
20:41'27.156 Sunak died.

Unsk in Sunwell, Brutallus.
by E Pluribus Unum September 14, 2008
unsk is everything and anything. you can change the meaning by saying it differently
gay: can i stick my penis in your unsk? *hopful*
other guy: unsk no *like ew no, but with unsk instead*
by Sniffy Poppins June 13, 2008
Possibly one of the worst words ever invented
Can be subsituted with anything

I can't wait to unsk you later
I left my unsk at home
Unsk Unsk

Ryan your are an Unsking retard it's a horrible word

by Will hates UNSK June 16, 2008

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