adj. (pronouced U.N.R) stands for unreasonable/unreasonably. Can be used negatively/positively.
This math test is unr, I don't understand anything.

Omg, you're being so unr right now, I can't stand it!

That's just unr dude.
by djeidjidjrf January 26, 2010
Top Definition
Best college in Nevada
What beats unlv at everything? UNR!
by UNLVsucks August 13, 2010
University of Nevada Reno
thats pretty much it right there.
by chicoblaco June 08, 2005
1 National Championship behind UNLV.
Viva Las Vegas, Reno Sucks, F!UNR
by UNLV1990NationalChamps June 30, 2010
University of Nevada Retards
are you a retard? no shit, thats why i go to UNR
by FUNR91 April 19, 2011
Short for Unrated Productions LLP. The hottest music management/ production company out there. Caters to Indie musicians- but won't just work with anyone. You gotta be real good!!!

They handle all aspects of your career - will drop you when you start acting like a DIVA!
Yo, have you heard that new UNR track?

She is signed to UNR.
by CLEO P. August 18, 2011
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