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The expression of love between two people that can't be described to others. It comes from experiences that only they can describe to each other, but not understandable to others.

It describes their love and actions of love, passion, lust, between them and guides their heart over the mind and everything else.

It is the highest state of love and recognizing that the two people are so close and connected that they are the same without boundaries between them.

Pronounced - You-Me-I-You
Two people that love each other and have shared experiences that they cannot describe with words only by saying UMEIU.

A state in which the heart drives all decisions and actions between the two loves and in the interest of building the hearts stronger is UMEIU.

UMEIU can be an experience on a hill at night under the stars and a fire in which two bodies became one.

UMEIU can be a freedom experience with two lovers in Vegas or any sort of getaway.
by UMEIU June 28, 2011
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