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UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a Minecraft PvP minigame originally created by Team "Nancy Drew" (which is "Guude", "PauseUnpause", "VintageBeef" and "W92Baj" - basically a Team inside of The "Team MindCrack"), where the goal is to be the last player/team standing. Many Features/conditions depend on the host of the game, but NATURAL REGENERATION is always OFF (that means that full hunger bar doesn't recover your health - "/gamerule naturalRegeneration false").
Hey, are you playing that FFA 50 Slots UHC?
I like reddit UHC, although Twitt UHC and Badlion UHC are also very nice.
by xXElMegaKiller007Xx February 14, 2015
A multiplayer Pvp minecraft survivel game, no health regen, no tier 2 potions, no strip mining, no logging out during game (does not count if you crash), do not turn off team pvp, remember to put on a world boarder!!!! the game ends when one player/team is the last standing,
Do you wanna play a game of UHC?
by amenger4 December 17, 2014
Hell; a company where all employees are treated like scum. The company has no clue.
I work in UHC.

-- or --

Why don't you go to UHC! (tell this to someone you don't like)
by rbloukyonboard22 November 03, 2005
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