Similar to the popular F.U.P.A this is a reformed and politically correct version of the term. UGA refers to a Upper Genital Area, and is meant to be preceded by an adjective such as 'fat.'
Bill Dev has a fat UGA!
by Nick November 19, 2003
A drinking college with a football problem, Quite possibly one of the worst teams in the SEC 2006 season and when the players graduate... they still won't make as much as GA Tech grads...
UGA graduates need not apply.
by GTGirlee October 16, 2006
Internet gaming clan formed in 2000 that took the name United Gaming Alliance. Often used to refer to an online gamer.
Do you know Bob? He's a UGA'er?
by raggety May 09, 2005
They are all Noobs. Especially that Cobol Fella.
by Komfort July 22, 2003
The University of GAYgia, in Fagthens!
Go UF!!!!!! Beat UGA!!!!!!
by Pierre October 29, 2004

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