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1. a skank 2. a cumbucket 3. a nasty ass trick who likes to gargle semen
by komfort July 10, 2003
1. to cause to filter gradually through a porous substance.
2. to get the party cracking.
"Let's hurry up and get to the club so we can get it percolating."
by Komfort May 17, 2003
1. n. a wound produced by sudden violent contact.
2. n. a wound that requires one hundred and fifty stitches.
"If she keeps talking shit I'm gonna give her a buck-fifty to her eye."
by Komfort May 17, 2003
exceptionally good
-"That whip is toast and jelly."
-"That's not just toast and jelly, that shit is schmuckas."
by komfort July 10, 2003
n. gay, homosexual.
"The Village People still perform? That's cookies."
by Komfort May 17, 2003
n. semen
"I used a condom so that none of my babies spill."
by Komfort May 17, 2003
They are all Noobs. Especially that Cobol Fella.
by Komfort July 22, 2003
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