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UFAA is a "Spin-Off" word of HFFA. It means "Ugly From All Angles." Whereas HFFA means "Hot From Far Away" but up close they're DAMN ugly. Both of these words originated from the American Sit-Com, Scrubs.
Joe: Dude... HFFA!!!
Peter: No Way Dude, She's UFAA.
by Steel_Panther July 13, 2009

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Ugly From All Angles. Like this word's kin, HFFA(hot from far away) this is used to describe an accident when someone calls a boy/girl HFFA and realized that that person is ugly.
Ashley: That kid's pretty HFFA
(kid walks closer)
Megan: Hell no, he's UFAA !
by Sparton54 November 21, 2009