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University of East Anglia, Norwich
A wonderful place to study, helped by the presence of the LCR which hosts events such as Club Retro, Now 90s, and fancy dress theme nights such as 999 or Playboy.
"I'm studying maths at UEA"
by Cazzy May 28, 2006
University of East Anglia

A leading 1994 Group University which is particularly renowned for its creative writing and environmental science programmes. Notable alumni include the novelists Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro, former Leader of the House of Lords Baroness Amos, and one winner of the Nobel Prize.
Admissions tutor: what grades did you get?
Student: AAA
Admissions tutor: well then come to UEA!
by james22111 April 07, 2009
The seperation of two limbs co-exsisting inside a human bellybutton.
"Hmmm. You seem to have an unusually large uea on you."
by xX5UN5H!N3Xx May 22, 2009
"University of Easy Access", nickname of the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK)
'My exam results aren't good enough for the University of Portsmouth'...'never mind; UEA will snap you up'.
by The Hysteria Man July 31, 2004
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