A bunch of wasters who are as much if not more to blame for the troubles in Northern Ireland as the IRA. They fought for next to no reason seeing as the legitamet British army were fighting the IRA anyway and target Catholic civilians using the IRA as an excuse. The only difference is that this group although being illeagal and terrorist in nature are favoured and given special treatment by the British.
the UDA were offered £2 million to disarm whereas the IRA were given nothing.
by theknowledge April 28, 2007
Top Definition
Ulster Defence Association
Hoods, scumbags and drug dealers. They claim to defend Ulster by killing innocent catholics for no reason in secterian attacks.
Johnny Adair,UDA 'soldier', a brave man indeed killing all those innocent people.
by IMacca July 01, 2006
A UDA, or Urban Dictionary Abuser, is one who uses their or one of their friend's names to describe themselves or their other as magnificent in each and every way.
Guy 1: Dude I posted my own name on Urban Dictionary and put really awesome shit about my name. I'm so cool.

Guy 2: No, you're just another one of those UDAs.
by GodsRedhead January 13, 2010
Unknown digital associate
i was chatting with dave on a f/b thread the other day and one of his friends joined in. Another UDA!
by neologising punk February 13, 2012
The act of carrying out personal sexual acts whilst at work under the desk. UNDER DESK ACTIVITY !!
Some serious UDA going on here, the girl from accounts is well peng !!!
by Nobby Clarke September 04, 2011
Acronym for "UrbanDictionary Addiction"
How to know if you have UDA
When you are bored you think of words you hear and UD* them.
You learned how to make babies from UrbanDictionary.
If you hear any word you are not sure about you UD it.
You get on Urbandictionary and search for things you already know the definition for.

UD (UrbanDictionary)
Jeff: We know who Dane Cook is, you have UDA man... Get help.
by Nite0fRune October 22, 2007
short for "under-developed acne". the bump on your skin that stings when you press it, then eventually turns into a pimple.
oh poo! i have to go to the derma soon. i can feel an uda coming.
by mak-kam May 30, 2007

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