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people that go onto urban dictionary and put a thumbs down for everything they see.
"sexting? that's pretty good! wait... thumbs down? Must be those damn UD downers."
by 3thumbsup October 29, 2009
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When someone goes on Urban Dictionary every day just to give thumbs down to certain definitions that they don't like.
Person 1: Hey bud, you should check out all these definitions I just added to Urban Dictionary. They're not bad.

Person 2: Yeah I like 'em. Soak and toke and hasty negro are pretty clever, applicable in daily life, and have a solid ring to them, but why do they have so many thumbs down? - especially your definition of BW (Big Woman).

Person 1: Oh, it's stupid, I've checked my word and noticed that each day I have been getting another 4 thumbs down. Apparently some herd of bitter heifers saw my definition of them and have been giving it thumbs-down ever since. They must have not gotten fed yet at the time.

Person 2: Oh okay, but all of your other definitions have been getting thumbs-down too?

Person 1: Yeah, one of the smarter manatees must've clicked on my name at the bottom of the definition and saw my other definitions. Wow, these sea cows have somehow found time to rate all my definitions when they're not stuffing their fat faces with cakes after middle school.

Person 2: What a bunch of UD Downers. Oh well, they're just angry 'cause they're fat.

a hopkin-original
by B.Hop March 13, 2009
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