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stands for "de la guerra," the main dining common at UCSB - used in jack johnson's song "Bubble Toes" because he attended UCSB
"well i was eating lunch at the DLG when this pretty girl came and she sat next to me"
by maddov August 06, 2005
Dark Latin Groove. A term used to describe the talented dance skills of a Latino/Hispanic person.
"Your boy has some DLG on the dance floor."
by Latinlabel May 15, 2005
An acronym for Daddy's Little Girl (aka Daddy's Girl).

A little girl who is attached to and indulged by her daddy.
Holy crap man look at that DLG with her daddy's credit card. I bet she owns the beamer out front.
by Mira_Girl_16 October 19, 2013
What you use when you are too lazy or simply cba to type out "downloading" or even "DL'ing."
Mehcatz: You got dat file yet?
Melko: dlg now...
by sunshinemonster February 22, 2011
This is an abbreviation for the term "Dirty Little Girl". This term is used when referring to girls that are dirty and little while in their presence leaving them incapable of knowing or responding to said insulting terminology. You are a dirty little girl, when you are both slutty, good looking, and of small proportions.
Man A: She is such DLG, I would totally R and M that. (R and M stands for Rape and Murder)

Slut A: Whats that?

Man B: Don't worry about it, nothing.
DLG = Dick Licking Girl

girl who licks/sucks a lot of dick.
dirty girl.
wow, look at that slut..
"yeah, have you heard, she's such a DLG"
by bebe. May 18, 2007
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