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a sexual moan, usually woman
chick: "grind me uah, uah uah uahhhhhhh"
by timmits November 12, 2007
21 5
acronym meaning under age hottie or hotty, normally used to describe an attractive 16 or 17 year old female. generally pronounced 'you - ahhh', and used on the down low.
Friend 1. "Dude, U.A.H."
Friend 2. "Niiice."
by Lebowski's Rug July 21, 2006
4 1
The abbreviation for UGLY AS HELL.
Geodes can be very U.A.H inside.
by Charles Miller II May 27, 2006
2 2
Sarcastic response to poor humour or act.
Derived from the 'wahwah'
"Ford DOES make good cars"

"Hey architecture is an interesting university course"
by pegg June 02, 2003
5 17