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Ulster Volunteer Force. A Loyalist paramilitary group created to stand against Home Rule in the early 1900s before the 1st World War. Later became one of the Loyalist groups fighting against the IRA, Irish Republican Army, during the Troubles claiming a right to be part of Britain and keep their British identity. Even thought they ended their armed campaign many rioters can be seen on the streets claiming UVF membership and UVF flags are still flown and murals are still created. They murdered Cathloics and have now decided to move into the drugs trade. Also they are scum and should be taken out and shot
Very popular for of UVF/UDA graffiti KAT, which means Kill All Taigs(Catholics), therefore they are scum :)
by N3RDF1GHT3R29 July 15, 2011
Abbrevation of Ulster Volunteer Force. Founded in 1912 in respose to the fenian uprising in which the dirty taigs were trying to take control of Northern Ireland. Heroes who still fight for the freedom of the people of Ulster to this day.
Up the U.V.F. F*ck the RA and the LVF.
by Turky September 13, 2005
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