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U.N.S. means Unreliable Nigger Syndrome.
U.N.S. is a person who is always late or does not show up at all. You are either born with it or acquire it by being raised by other people with U.N.S.
by impatient drug addict January 04, 2007
having sex or some other sexual activity, usually but not always repeated.
dude, that chick i left with last night, i totally unsed that.

uns uns uns uns
by theunsmaster August 14, 2008
(original uns)- used to describe anything, or can be used for anything at all.

Besides saying " yo thats my boy" use "yooo thats mah unsss"

or if your drunk, dont say "i'm soo drunk man" use " i'm unsin bro, ahhh unsss."

actually if you are happy and you see someone you missed or if you are just drunk or high or in a good mood, just scream out "unsssssssssss!!!!"
by c-martin October 23, 2008
an interjection used to express extreme happiness or joy; "fuck yeah!"
"Dude, did bang that chick last night?"
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
The short form for "unesscesary swear"; used when someone says a word of profanity that is not useful to the conversation or completely inappropriate.
Is that fucking baby still asleep?- Man, that was uns.
by tuckyluvr September 08, 2010
Pronunciation: un-ce
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): unss; unsable; unsasicity
Etymology: Coined by the F.G.U. Crew of Gould Academy
Date: Circa 1997
: a word that characteristically expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being, affirming high quality and utility.

“That last sesh was uns”
“Unss, ring the bell”
“Ha, this is so uns”
by Espisito, Johnny November 03, 2003
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