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Pacific northwest slang for the University of Washington.
U-dub is gonna kick Wazoo's ass in this years Apple Cup.
by Sloppy Peas May 01, 2005
U dub = UW. U of W. University of Washington.
Person One: Where do you go to school?

Person Two: Oh you know, u dub

Person One: Oh, I love the Huskies.

Person Two: Seriously better than the Cougs.
by luhluhlauren December 09, 2009
Udub. Verb. A grabbing and yanking motion, as if you were pulling the top rope to the bottom, over and over.
So then this motherf^#@er runs in giving the can a wicked Udub and I said, "Shit man, don't open that in here!".
by Philbox January 09, 2009
just another name for the University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MB Canada)

U of W --- U Dub.
"Where do you go to school?"

"U Dub, bitch!"

"Cool. Wanna go outside and make snow angels?"

by Bmac5 September 13, 2006
UW-Milwaukee. NOT UW-Madison.
U-Dub is the illest school around.
by Brian Statz December 04, 2005
-Husky, large, fat, etc.
Abreviation for UW or University of Washington refering to their mascot the Husky
I met this girl last night, she was cute but kinda U-dub
by curlyvltr September 25, 2006
A slang for the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario.
The few girls we have at U-Dub kick ass!
by Ahssie November 14, 2005
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