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Any editor of Urban Dictionary that is very strict as to what he/she passes.
That damn UD Nazi won't pass my definitions. I only made fun of half the people I know!
by Paul J Parkinson July 14, 2005

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(n)1. A derogatory term referring to the Urbandictionary.com editors. As expected from a term with such poor mastery of spacing, capitalization, and pluralization, the phrase is generally used by idiots, morons, dumbasses, and nitwits, or as a jab at one of the aforementioned groups.
After submitting 37 definitions of himself in one day and waiting three days only to see that none of them had been published, Kenny exclaimed, "OMG U FUCKING U D NAZI'S GET A LIFE AND STOP DELETING MY AWE SOME DEFS U CUNT'S!!!"
by CommieDog August 25, 2005