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An incredibly sexy singer who has a resemblence to Elvis. Has an amazing voice and plays the guitar.
Whoa! That Tyler Hilton sure looks like Elvis!
by XOXO April 09, 2005
Tyler Hilton=
SUPER hot singer/guitar player/actor
his songs are amazing and he has the most gorgeous face, his eyes especially.
i LOVE his toned, tanned arms and when he plays guitar
enough sed!;)
Tyler Hilton

'Everywhere you go, perfection
Follows you the wrong direction
And you will never see if for
You get all that you need and more
You see it, you want it
You find it, it's yours

But you can't say what you want or
Take what you want or
Choose the moods that you fake when you want
You said your life couldn't get much better
Then where it's at
And aren't you glad'
by amandalovestyler September 26, 2005
Only the hottest singer/guitarist/actor! He write very deep and profound lyrics. He is amazing!
"kiss on me tonight..."
by really cool girl April 13, 2005
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