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A wonderful, sweet, pretty girl. She'll make you feel like a king, always there for you. She's caring, friendly, smart, and open-minded. Loves the arts and will listen to you when she can. A little timid (but isn't everyone?) She can take a joke, she's very sexy and knows how to pleasure like a pimp, too. ;)
friend 1: I heard that you're with Tyanna now.
friend 2: Yeah, she's a great girl. She's the one for me.
friend 1: You are, congrats man.
by antonio-cinnamon February 23, 2013
awesome. What you say when something was unexpected and randomly awesome.
Dude when that cat jumed out of those bushes it was like tyanna! I screamed "tyanna" when he did a double back flip.
by Beastly122112 September 21, 2011

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