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Female name, meaning: One who is proud and honorable;at first meet you think she is stuck up, this is due to her great confidence. Those who possess this name are usually as exotic as the name and unique.
Did you see Tya, she seems so confident.
by crushonme February 07, 2010
63 19
Tya is very funny,crazy and weird but she is very sweet and cares for all her friends. She worries about her friends more than herself so it may be hard for her sometimes. She keeps everyone up and positive and if someone is negative she helps as much as she can. Her weirdness will always be questioned but other than that she's very bright and smart.
Person:This is stupid
Tya: I like it
by dudeokay November 27, 2013
13 3
A lively boy. At first glance, he may seem shy and laid-back, you will have to be pretty friendly to crack his shy exterior. But when you do, he will be one of the silliest guys you'll meet. He tends to tease people he is close to, but has his sweet moments. A Tyas is an overall adorable and loveable boy. You can't go wrong with a Tyas.
by Bribriswag October 22, 2013
3 3
Short for Touch your ankles. Typically done by girls who twerk in attempt to make the derriere appear larger and gain focus on their assests.
"I told her T.Y.A.! Shawty put in work!"
by Kippeas February 28, 2012
3 4
means earth as known by the abroginies of australia
tya is my hometown
by agastya April 02, 2004
16 40