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1. To delete a friend or contact without prior notification from your online social network “friend or contact list”.

2. To discover that you have been deleted from a friend or contacts social network’s “friend or contact list” without prior notification

3. To get rid of Dead Weight, non-performers, distant acquaintances, or silly people who keep asking you to add stupid applications from your “friend or contact list” without prior notification.

4. To delete a friend or contact because their page is so full of fluff that it takes all the bandwidth of a small nation just to load.
Twyfookable - adjective: A friend or contact list over a 1000 strong is very twyfookable.

Twyfookery - adverb: I am going home to engage in some extreme twyfookery tonight.

Anger: I haven’t heard from him in weeks, but yet he keeps poking his ex on Facebook. It’s time for a twyfook!!

Physically: Stopping the tweets was not enough for him. He had to physically twyfook her from his life.
by Horatio P. MacGillacuddy March 21, 2010